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ESC has years of experience creating custom solutions for our clients. We've worked on a number of custom web, mobile, and desktop applications. Our team has created integrated solutions with many other software products in order to create solutions to fit our clients needs. Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and now Dynamics 365, implmentations and integrations have been an ever present part of our business.
Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365
Our team is ready to meet all your NAV implemntation, integration, and customization needs. With years of comibined experience and knowledge, we're ready to assist your business on finding the right solution to your NAV and Dynamics 365 needs.
Microsoft Xamarin provides our team with a tool to create custom multi-platform mobile applications. We're ready to implement custom mobile solutions for you and your customers.
ESC is ready to create custom from scratch web solutions as well as modify existing web implementations. Our team has worked with and customized a number of CMS solutions such as Wordpress, Joomla, and Concrete 5.
Many of our clients require custom desktop applications for inventory and production management. A number of our systems have required barcode scanning, scale reading, and RFID.

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At ESC, we focus on developing plans and quickly implementing solutions for accelerated business growth, performance improvement and organizational structure changes at the corporate, group, unit and divisional levels. In all cases, ESC will provide the management expertise necessary for improving results.
Designing and implementing an overall business strategy must consider both long-range goals and shareholder perspectives. The conflict between creating a competitive advantage for the future and achieving top performance this quarter is one of many key issues to be resolved. Executives and employees desire a clear vision of where the company needs to go. Comparing multiple alternative strategies, evaluating the uncertainties and risks for insights, and aligning all areas for successful implementation are all components of an excellent business strategy.
In order to achieve a superior return on capital, companies must have a complete understanding of their asset structure, i.e. which are creating value now or are likely to in the future. The proper allocation of capital expenditures combined with the retirement of poor performing assets is essential to a winning asset strategy.
ESC facilitates a transparent process enabling decision makers to focus on their critical business issues and create high value strategies that succeed. What makes us different is the real world business experience our partners bring to the team, the active engagement of executives, staff and line personnel in the process, and the attention to the human dynamics that can pose barriers or lead to superior results.

Business Process
Business Process is the foundation for a successful business and ESC can help your business by evaluating strengths and weaknesses and helping develop a strategy to improve your company's operation. Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) is the strategic analysis of business processes and the planning and implementation of improved business processes. ESC takes a customer-centric, holistic approach to BPR by examining the business as a whole in relation to its individual parts or departments.
Some key elements of our approach include workflow and process analysis, business modeling and simulation, and on-line analytical processing. Contact us today to see how we can help your business.

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The need for new applications as well as legacy applications to work together has never been more important than in today’s business world. Systems must work together in a seamless mater to simplify daily tasks to make us more productive workers. ESC specializes in the seamless integration of applications, particularly Business and Service Billing software such as Alcatel-Lucent, Metaswitch, Microsoft Media Room and other applications. ESC has adapted applications to capture orders and delivery schedules from customers. This can be accomplished using almost any file type from ANSI EDI transactions to XML to flat text files. We have saved clients time and money by eliminating the need to key orders and maintain delivery schedules, instead customer service people only look over orders incoming and handle exceptions based on the matching of delivery schedules. ESC has also integrated UPS Worldship into customer’s applications to streamline the shipping process and save time and money by shipping product more efficiently.
No mater the integration problem, ESC has the right people to develop a solution for you. We look forward to helping your company become more efficient and more profitable.

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ESC provides professional technology solutions to help your business gain the competitive advantage needed to achieve success in today's business market. We offer a broad range of solutions including:

Bar Code driven data capture systems allow companies to bring the power of the data system to the workspace. By pushing the information about the business out to the people who need to make real-time decisions, the business can help reduce their inventory and labor costs while increasing productivity and profits.
ESC's comprehensive range of products and services allow businesses to accurately manage warehouses, retail locations, and track components and parts through manufacturing processes.
ESC Barcoding Solutions Provide:
  • Fast and reliable data collection faster data entry: a barcode scanner typically can record data seven to ten times as fast as a skilled typist.
  • 10,000 times better accuracy, keyboard data entry creates an average of one error in 300 keystrokes. Data capture systems have an error rate around 1 in 3 million.
  • Reduced labor costs, this is the most obvious benefit of data capture. In many cases, the cost savings pays for the entire data capture system.
  • Lower inventory levels, data capture is one of the best ways to reduce inventory levels and save on capital costs. Keeping a tight hold on inventory can save significant amounts of money.
  • Faster access to information, data capture goes hand in hand with better decision making. With better information, you can gain opportunities and get ahead of the competition.

As RFID quickly becomes a requirement for your supply chain, finding a partner who understands the technology, the compliance issues and who can provide the necessary business integration is paramount to your success. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is the latest technology in the automatic identification data collection (AIDC) industry. An extension of other data collection technologies, such as bar coding, RFID is an alternative for asset tracking and security solutions. Since many industries have decided to utilize RFID, suppliers have been left with a lot of tough questions about how to successfully implement the technology their customers demand. ESC is available to assist you with answering both your functional and technical RFID questions and can help you not only become compliant, but can also help you find ways to maximize the use of this new technology. Our professional services department will work with you to understand your unique operations and business requirements. This groundwork allows ESC to not only ensure vendor compliance, but also allows us to offer other recommendations to maximize the internal benefits of the new system.
IT Architecture
IT Architecture is a critical determining factor of business survival and success. A technology architecture that supports the IT strategy and provides the flexibility to achieve the right balance between IT efficiency and business innovation is a key to business adaptability and growth. A good architecture provides a plan for managing IT investments that is aligned with business objectives At ESC, we partner with you, our client organizations, to develop implementable technology architecture solutions that lay the foundation for leveraging technology to enable business strategy.
We leverage our research organization and our collective implementation expertise to navigate the technology landscape and provide a thorough fact-based technology evaluation and selection process that best fits a client’s business/ IT landscape and roadmap. Our skills span business modeling, architecture and application modeling and technology implementation.

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Effectively deploying an intranet or extranet requires careful planning and collaboration between the key members within your organization, the users of the system, and the development team.
ESC can help your organization in:
  • Clearly defining the goals of the web project
  • Surveying the needs of employees, customers, and web-users
  • Outlining and prioritizing possible solutions
  • Establishing measurable criteria for success

Beyond the consultation, the development team creates the infrastructure that will allow you to deliver your sensitive business information quickly and safely. By implementing the right solution, your organization will turn the Internet into a responsive communication channel for your employees, your clients, and your partners.
Intranet: A website used within the internal network of the company. Corporate intranets can facilitate communication and efficiency in the areas of sales, marketing, service, training, human resources, filing, administration, and corporate culture building. It may include message boards, mechanisms to share documentation, schedules/calendars.
Extranet: Similar to a corporate intranet, except an extranet allows for some external access. Extranets are often business-to-business communication tools that allow for an organization to share information with clients, customers, vendors, distributors, and partners. An order processing system can be an example of an extranet.
Supply Chain Integration
Supply Chain Management is an essential part of most businesses. The failure to receive needed supplies on time can even be catastrophic. Excess inventory can reduce cash flow and increase expenses. ESC associates specialize in providing strategic planning and solutions to improve this vital part of your business. Areas of expertise include:
  • Capacity
  • Planning
  • Demand
  • Engineering and Design
  • E-Commerce
  • Procurement and E-Procurement
  • Inventory
  • Orders
  • Purchasing
  • Logistics
  • Suppliers and Vendors
  • Product Cycle

Today’s business climate is highly competitive, driving profit margins down as risks increase. It only takes one failed project to wipe out an entire year’s profit. As a project-based organization that depends upon the accuracy of decisions made everyday, you need best-in-class project management solutions that build a competitive advantage for the field and office. ESC offers the professional, intuitive project management solutions to help you profitably manage your business. We can help you:
  • Obtain early warning of project risks
  • Improve visibility into project performance
  • Forecast project health at completion
  • Collaborate with the project team

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