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Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Navision

Microsoft Dynamics NAV gives the freedom to focus on your business by providing an efficient way to streamline your business and increase productivity.
Microsoft Dynamics NAV lets you replace your system with a single fully-integrated solution that connects everyone in your organization to your customers, suppliers, and partners through the internet any time, anywhere. That is why more than 40,000 companies in over 30 countries use Microsoft Dynamics NAV every day.
Key Benefits:
1) Increase Productivity
2) Sharpen Your Competitive Edge
3) Grow Your Business
4) Connect with your Employees, Customers, and Partners

The Freedom to Focus

Choosing the right business management solution means balancing your short- and long-term business goals with your financial resources. Microsoft Dynamic NAV helps you overcome these challenges with a business management solution that matches your business needs as well as your budget. Microsoft Dynamics NAV is designed specifically for medium-sized companies seeking one solution to help increase productivity without disrupting everyday business operations.
ESC now offers integration with Century Business Solutions EBizCharge EBizCharge Fact Sheet

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Mobile Apps

ESC is a certified Xamarin Premier Consulting Partner. To learn more visit Xamarin's website.

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ESC can provide native mobile applications for both Apple iOS and Google Android device's. Developers can then tailor mobile platforms applications to meet specific client's needs. Our mobile application team's capabilities include but are not limited to:
  • Application storage of login credentials
    • All login data is stored locally and secured on the device
  • Utilizing Google Maps API and Apple Maps
    • Location/GPS capabilities
    • Coverage Map capabilities
  • WCF Web Services Accessibility and Functionality
    • Server-based Web Services return data from SQL Server or other data structures
  • Integration with ERP
    • Integration with Dynamic 365 and other ERP platforms for placing orders, viewing statistics, and more.

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Custom Applications

ESC employs a team that consists of diverse backgrounds from various sectors of business and industry. This diversity allows us to approach projects with an open mind and examine needs and solutions from a business point of view as well as a programming point of view.
From the onset, we view each engagement as an expression of the client's desire to build a tool that will increase the productivity of its employees or help leverage its business model. We pride ourselves on being able to rise above the technical task to view its impact on your company. We view each and every project on a case-by-case basis, confirming that every task we provide will provide real benefit for the client at its conclusion.
We strive to bring the client a pilot or prototype quickly and then refine and change as needed. This allows the client to be a vital part of the development process and ensures the project requirements are being met accurately.

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ESC offers the most flexible and scalable e-commerce platforms available. ESC’s suite of e-commerce applications are designed to provide businesses with the technology to take a leading role in the world of e-business. Our solutions are comprised of expertly designed databases created to perform under the most rigorous of Internet usage. An entire suite of applications were written around these core databases to control content, manage products and customers, create and monitor marketing campaigns, and even market to current and potential clients.
We also offer customizations and integrations with all E-Commerce platforms.

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ESC has a great deal of experience in providing clients with solutions on nearly any scale, from supporting just one particular process to enterprise solutions that handle soup to nuts. We can help you improve your business transactions with tailored data storage and intuitive user screens, your ordering and shipping with electronic document transfer, and the accuracy and speed of inventory handling with barcodes and RFID labeling.
The system that we implemented for one southeastern textile company is a completely custom program that we developed along with their team and tailored specifically to their needs. It augments the company's existing accounting/AR/AP package in many ways including:
  • Handling all roll-level inventory and inventory transactions. Few packaged solutions handle textile roll inventory without significant modification.
  • Expanding Purchase Order functionality by including allocation of yarn to knit orders, greige rolls to dye orders, etc.
  • Expanding Shipping functionality by handling pick list generation, all shipping documents, and roll label printing. Roll labels can be formated differently based on different customers' requirements.
  • Providing customized reporting of product position and raw material status, production efficiency, sales forecasting, lot and merge history, etc.

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